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Sawasdee and welcome to our Thai Temple Rubbing Web site.

For several years now, we have been selling these Temple Rubbings at our Web store – The Asian Art Store.  They have by far been our hottest selling item there, so we have decided to create this independent site devoted only to Thai Temple Rubbings.  To further stimulate interest in these works of art, we have prepared a set of articles to better explain just what these rubbings are, how they are created, where they were originally rubbed, and a bit of the history behind the rubbings.

You can find our articles for Thai Temple Rubbings in the top menu under Articles.  We would also like to extend an invitation for any information you may have or have found about these Temple Rubbings that have been done in Thailand.  If you have written an article, or would like to create an article for publication, please contact us and let us know what you have or would like to write.

We also have an eStore here which will be the primary point of sale for these rubbings.

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Any comments, questions, or just want to chat, Contact us any time.

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Big Discounts on all rubbings


During our last trip to Thailand we were able to find some great deals on Temple Rubbings.  Now, we are passing those savings on to you by offering 30% – 35% discounts.  Check it out at our new simple STORE.

Colored Temple Rubbings


More Colored Rubbings

On our last trip we were able to find several more temple rubbing scenes.

We also found some new colors as pictured above.

We now have all of these available in our Temple Rubbing Store.

Check them out, now!



2016 Trip

Back From Our 2016 Thailand Tripwat-pho

After traveling around Thailand and all of Southeast Asia, we’ve made it back to the USA.  I have found lots more temple rubbings during this trip and have already started listing them.

Marble Reliefs

relief045Temple Reliefs of Wat Pho

We have just posted a new article showing the temple rubbings of Wat Pho that tell the story of The Ramakien – Thai Epic  We have all 152 rubbings, the part of the story represented in that picture, as well as photos of the actual marble relief that the rubbing came from.  To read the article and view all of the rubbings and reliefs, simply click on Wat Pho Reliefs.

New Store


New Store Look

We’ve given a new simpler look to our store.  Following our most recent buying trip to Thailand, we’ve added a few “maroon” colored rubbings.  We had to go directly to the source for these and have them specially made just for our store.  If we see a growing demand for the maroon temple rubbings, we may add some more varieties when we do our next trip sometime in 2014.  To check out our new/simple store; Visit Our Store Now!

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Back from Thailand


We Are Back From Our Shopping Trip

This trip was over several weeks and we found some great items that we have brought back to the USA for our stores.  All of the new temple rubbings have now been added to our store here.  We also found lots of other items that we are now listing in our other stores.  You may like to have a look at

Thailand Trip


We are currently in Thailand “Shopping”

We are now in Thailand on a buying trip for our store as well as gathering information, pictures, and videos for another Web site we are preparing which looks at many of the popular Temples around Thailand.  Once we get that site loaded with information/articles/pix/videos I’ll post the location here.  Since we are gone, shipping from our store may be delayed.  However, since we are actually in Thailand, if there is something you’d like to order, please CONTACT us and we may be able to get it shipped out to you during this trip.

Story of Ramakian

Story of Ramakian

The Epic Story of Ramakian Chapters Being Added!

We have started adding the chapters for The Thai Epic – The Story of Ramakian.  The book has been divided into many short chapters, each with an accompanying picture taken from the story as it is presented on the mural walls at Wat Phrasrirttana Sassadaram, more commonly referred to as The Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Click here to find The Story of Ramakian which can be found with our other Articles.


Temple Rubbing Paper

mulberry_paperNew “Paper” Article Listed

We’ve post a new article discussing the paper that was used and is now used to produce these Thai Temple Rubbings.  We discuss the history of the paper used and how/why it has changed over the years.

Have a look under “Thai Temple Rubbing Paper“.

All Temple Rubbings Listed

Thailand Temple Rubbings

Finally, we’ve got all our Thai Temple Rubbings Listed!

We currently have over 100 Thai Temple Rubbings, often referred to as “stone rubbings”.  The rubbings available come in both black or brown and 24″ squared and 12″ x 24″.  Have a look at our STORE to see what’s there!

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