Guide to Thai Temple Rubbings

Wat Phra JerubonThe Definitive Guide to Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings

Your trip going to Thailand can never be complete unless you purchase those colorful Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings that make an ideal gift to take with you when you return home.  The advantage of buying these souvenirs for your friends is that they are so easy to carry since they are lightweight and do not occupy that much of your luggage space.  The best places to buy Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings are on the site of the famous Thailand temples like the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

If you want authentic copies of these Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings, it would be wiser to purchase them in Wat Po, also known as The Temple of the Reclining Buddha.  You will know the exact spot since there is a gigantic statue of the reclining Buddha.  Most of the Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings sold here are taken from the marble reliefs that you see around the temple area.  If you want to appreciate these art pieces then it is a must to go on a tour of these places.  This would not just be one of those common kinds of trips that you usually take when that feeling of wanderlust hits you.

Wat Po is said to be Bangkok,Thailand’s largest and oldest temple to date.  Once you visit this large complex, you will be struck in awe of the majestic sight that awaits your eyes.  The reclining Buddha may be famous, but another equally famous statue is the ascension of Buddha to Nirvana.  All of these pieces were used by artists in the past for their Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings.

Buyer’s Guide to Authentic Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings

If you wish to have a good starter Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings collection, you should opt for those pieces like the Thai Dancing women which was sold before the Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings were forever banned by the government.  Another option would be to purchase Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings that are made out of cement casts that are taken from the removed ruins of Ayutthaya (Kingdom of Siam as Thailand was known back then).  It might be heavier than the weight of the Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings but it is worth the extra load.  The Ramakien epic also carries with it the story about the four kings that ruled the Chakri dynasty.  They were fondly called as four Chedis, starting off with Rama I, Rama II, Rama III and Rama IV.

You will find out that some Thailand hotels even buy these Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings to use as wall decorations to add that Oriental touch that the proprietors are aiming for.  Even some interior designers that are bitten with the design bug cannot help it but use these Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings to add an air of mysticism to their design.  This is why Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings are still one of the most sought after Thai art décor up till now.  You can use special frames when you go back home to display these Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings in all of their glory. Crystalwalls surround the main Chapel in the Old Siam.  The balustrades have about 152 scenes that depict the Ramakien.  We refer to these very scenes because these were once rubbed to produce Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings.

More about Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings

Some of those pieces resold on online auctions are framed nicely.  They are sold at a handsome price but consider them as worthwhile investments.  Some architects integrate the use of these Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings on their main design to project that opulent air of that almost forgotten era of the Old Siam. Original Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings were produced during the 1960s and still were available until the 70s but those that belong to the original artworks costs more because of their authenticity.

Artists back then used hardened oil that looked like sticks that were use to rub the walls into the handmade rice paper in Thailand’s temples.  Even if the word handmade is used, this does not mean that hands were actually used per se to produce these creations.  The only way to get a hold of vintage Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings is to buy those that are sold by those who want to part with these gifts from Thailand dignitaries.  Some of them are sold and exhibited in museums so when you are given a one of a kind offer, make sure to take a photo and show this to a museum curator who specializes in Traditional Thai Temple Rubbings.  After all you do not want to waste your hard earned cash over something that is not worth your penny!

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