The Story of Ramakian

About the printing of a Thai Epic – The Story of Ramakian

The Story of Ramakian

This story was originally printed in the Thai year of 2545, with another 7 reprints made since that original.  This is an “illustrated” book that has been created mainly to be used as a “Teaching Aid Manual”.  This is how we wish to present it to you, as a teaching aid to help you get a better understanding of this part of Thailand’s mythical history.  Each chapter of the story also comes with an illustration to emphasize the story and give you a more clear thought, or feeling of the story.

Two Notes:

1.  At the bottom of each page is a link to the next page/chapter

2.  By clicking on any of the pictures, you can view a large version of that picture.

This Epic has been presented in a long series of short chapters:

The Characters


Nonthok is granted a diamond finger

Phra Narai transforms himself

Hermit Chanok performs a ceremony

The great Molee bow

Thao Thosarot dies

Phra Phrot, Phra Satarut and…

Tosakan serves Chiuha’s tongue

Tosakan abducts Naang Sida

Sadayu rescues Naang Sida

Hanuman offers his services

Phra Ram instructs three man…

Hanuman enlarges his body

Hanuman searches Tosakan’s palace

Hanuman devises a plan

Tosakan and Naang Montho escape

Piphek reads Tosakan’s dream

Piphek gives himself up to Phra Ram

Naang Benyakai transforms herself

Tosakan instructs Naang Suphanmacha

Phra Ram drives his Wechaiyan chariot

Ongkhot breaks down the Lanka city gate

Sukhreep breaks the Pichai Molee parasol

Hanuman enlarges his body and…

Ongkhot solves the meaning

Kumphakan sharpens the Mokhasak spear

Phra Lak is struck

Hanuman goes in search of…

Kumphakan enlarges himself

Champhoowaraj volunteers

Phra Ram shoots the Phlaiwat arrow

Intarachit transforms

Intarachit sucks milk

Tosakan goes into battle

Hanuman gets the mace trickery

Thao Maleewarja judges the case

Hanuman transforms himself into Tosakan

Hanuman volunteers

Tosakan takes on the form of Phra Indra

Naang Sida walks on fire

Piphek lights the funeral pyre

Phra Ram returns to Ayodhya

Phra Ram builds a city for Hanuman

Naang Sida gives birth

Phra Ram instructs Phra Phrot

Arrows cannot harm one another

Naang Sida runs away

Phra Ram wanders in the forest

Phra Isuan arranges a marriage


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