Arrows Cannot Harm One Another

Arrows cannot harm one another

Phra Mongkut was caught by Phra Phrot and Phra Satarut.  Phra Ram had Phra Mongkut restrained with five types of shackle, publicly denounced, and afterwards tied to a stake for three days, before he was to be beheaded.

Phra Indra thus instructed Naang Rampha to come to help.  Naang Sida asked Phra Lop to take the Kaew Surakan ring to Phra Mongkut.  This ring had the power to free Phra Mongkut from all the shackles.  Phra Lop met Naang Rampha when she was going to fetch some drinking water for Phra Mongkut.  Phra Lop offered to fetch the water and secretly placed the Kaew Surakan ring in the drinking pot.

Naang Rampha used her womanly wiles to beguile the four executioners on duty, and was thus able to give the water to Phra Mongkut.  The water relieved him of aches and pain.  The ring by itself moved onto his finger and causing all the shackles to fall off.  Making himself invisible, Phra Mongkut then fled to meet Phra Lop outside the city.  Phra Mongkut was angry and revengeful.  He refused to return to the ashram and vowed to confront the army in the middle of the forest.

Learning of Phra Mongkut’s escape, Phra Ram was furious and personally led the army to pursue Phra Monkut.  Phra Lak, Phra Phrot, Phra Satarut and Phaya Anuchit accompanied him.  Phra Ram drove his chariot in front of the troops and upon finding the two graceful boys, was very anxious to snatch them and interrogated them about their parents.  The two sides shot arrows at each other but neither was hurt.  Phra Mongkut shot his fourth arrow to destroy Phra Rams arrow, but instead the two arrows floated together.  Phra Mongkut shot yet another arrow, but it turned into rice and floral offerings for Phra Ram.

Seeing the miracle, Phra Ram prayed that if the boy was of his own royal line, his arrow would turn into food.  This it did, so he asked to end the battle, and inquired to find out that they were father and son.  Phra Mongkut became peeved and ran away.  The four kings followed him to hermit Wachamaruek’s ashram.

Arrows cannot harm one another

Phra Mongkuts arrow turns into flowers for Phra Ram, while Phra Rams arrow becomes food for Phra Mongkut.

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