Champhoowaraj Volunteers

Champhoowaraj volunteers to disrupt Intarachit’s poison arrow ceremony

Piphek reported to Phra Ram that Intarachit had hidden himself in the Rothan woods and was performing a magic ceremony to enhance the power of the nagabat arrows at Mount Akas. Now, the nagas (sacred serpents) were releasing poisons onto the arrows.  After seven days, the nagabat arrows would be so poisonous that they could defeat anything in the three worlds: heaven, earth and the subterranean world.  The ceremony had been proceeding for the previous three days. Meanwhile Tosakan sent Mangkornkan to fight instead.  Only a bear biting a Rothan tree could stop the ceremony.

Champhoowaraj volunteered for the task.  Upon reaching the summit of Mount Akas, he chanted some mantras and transformed himself into a huge bear.  The bear bit and fell a huge Rothan tree, making such a strong impact that the sky was covered with dust. The nagas were fearful, thinking that it was perhaps a garuda.  They all slithered into the earth and disappeared.

Furiously Intarachit chased after the bear to kill it.  Champhoowaraj however turned back into a monkey and flew off.

Champhoowaraj Volunteers

Champhoowaraj turns into a huge bear and bites the Rothan tree to disrupt Intarachit’s nagabat arrow ceremony.

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