Hanuman Devises A Plan

Hanuman devises a plan to raze the city of Lanka

Hanuman made his way to Khwan garden and found Naang Sida about to hang herself.  Hanuman saved her and proved his identity with her ring and shawl.  Naang Sida still did not quite believe Hanuman, until he related how Naang Sida and Phra Ram first met before the Molee bow lifting contest.  Hanuman told her that Phra Ram was bringing an army to rescue her and pleaded her to go with him.  Yet she refused, saying that it would be unseemly for a lady to be abducted by a demon and then taken back by a monkey; hearing the story, people would surely wag their tongues!

Before leaving Lanka, so as not to have come in vain, Hanuman destroyed all the trees and killed all of Tosakan’s 1,000 identical sons, all named Sahasakumara, who were guarding the garden.  Intarachit, one of Tosakan’s sons, shot the sacred Naga arrow at Hanuman, who allowed himself to be captured.  Hanuman was brought to see Tosakan, who ordered that Hanuman was to be executed.  No matter what Tosakan men did, they failed to kill him. Hanuman told them that he could only be killed by fire.

Falling into the trap,Tosakan had Hanuman covered with straw and oil, and used his Surakan glass spear with its flaming tip to set Hanuman aflame.  Hanuman began to run about wildly, setting the entire city on fire.  He then jumped into a river to quench the flames, but the tip of his tail remained alight.  For help, he went to hermit Nart who told him to use his own saliva to douse his glowing tail.

Hanuman and Lanka

In front of the palace, Hanuman is tricking Tosakan into setting him aflame.

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