Hanuman Enlarges His Body

Hanuman enlarges his body and places Phra Ram’s pavilion in his mouth

Phra Ram had a bad dream. Piphek interpreted the dream as Rahu bringing bad luck and warned that danger would come with the night.  At dawn, however, the danger would go away.  Hanuman volunteered to watch over the army.

Hanuman enlarged his body to the size of a mountain and used his tail to form a protective wall around the entire camp.  He placed Phra Rams pavilion inside his mouth, which essentially became the main entrance, and his tongue, the gate of the pavilion.  Hanuman instructed Piphek and Phra Lak to keep watch over Phra Ram while Sukhreep was to be the gatekeeper.

Meanwhile Tosakan instructed Maiyarap to kidnap Phra Ram.  But he could not find Phra Rams pavilion.  He decided to turn himself into a monkey and mingled with the other soldiers and thus knew that Hanuman had placed the entire pavilion in his mouth.  He also learned that Phra Rams bad luck would end at dawn.

Maiyarap took the Patamarajruchee light box to a mountain top and dangled it, fooling the soldiers into thinking it was the morning star that meant the night was ended and thus the period of bad luck was over.  The soldiers stood down and prepared to sleep.  Maiyarap cast a sleeping spell on Piphek, Phra Lak and Sukhreep and the entire army fell into deep sleep.  He then entered Hanuman’s mouth and abducted Phra Ram to the subterranean world.

Hanuman Enlarges His Body

Hanuman enlarges his body, then places Phra Rams pavilion in his mouth.

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