Hanuman Gets The Mace

Hanuman gets the mace by trickery and kills Thao Sahasadecha

Tosakan asked his friend Phaya Moonplam, the viceroy of Pangtan, to help him in the war.  Thao Sahasadecha, Phaya Moonplam,s elder brother and the king of Pangtan, was concerned and came to help as well.

Phra Lak slew Phaya Moonplam, Piphek informed Phra Ram that Thao Sahasadecha, who had 1,000 faces, would be furious if he learned that his brother had been killed.  Thao Sahasadecha had a very powerful magic mace—one end when pointed killed and the other when pointed revived.  It would be unwise to wait for him to come to the battle.  So Hanuman was sent to get the mace and kill Thao Sahasadecha.

Hanuman turned himself into a small monkey and ran out in front of Thao Sahasadecha, who ordered that he be caught.  The little monkey then spun a yarn about how he had suffered injustice at Phra Rams and Phra Lak’s hands and asked to tag along to fight them.  He asked for the most powerful of the weapons that Thao Sahasadecha was carrying in

his two thousand hands.  Thao Sahasadecha trusted the little monkey and gave him the magic mace.

Hanuman then reverted to his own form and started to berate Thao Sahasadecha.  They began to fight and Thao Sahasadecha shot the Sith arrow, which turned into a shower of arrows, at Hanuman.

Hanuman enlarged himself and stepped on Thao Sahasadecha’s chest to pin him down, then used his tail to tie him tightly to be laughed at and mocked by the monkey soldiers.  He then used his trident to cut off Thao Sahasadecha’s head and presented it to Phra Ram.

Thao Sahasadecha

Thao Sahasadecha (on the right) shoots the Sith arrow at Hanuman.

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