Hanuman Goes In Search

Hanuman goes in search of Sangkoranee and Treechawa herbs

Phra Ram entrusted Hanuman with the task of stopping the Suns chariot, and then collecting the Sangkoranee and Treechawa herbs, and fetching Pancha Mahanathee river water in Ayodhya.

Hanuman asked the Sun to halt its chariot, but the Sun could not, because it was a natural cycle of the zodiac.  The Sun could, however, hide the chariot behind thick clouds so that its rays would not fall on the Mokhasak spear.

Hanuman then flew off to Mount Saphaya and started calling out to Sangkoranee and Treechawa herbs.  He heard them responding, sometimes from the summit and at other times from the base of the mountain.  He then enlarged his body and used his tail to coil around the mountain, then methodically chased their voices from the base to the summit until he could finally collect them.  Hanuman then flew off to see Phra Phrot and Phra Satarut asking for water from the Pancha Mahanathee river.  He related all that had happened.  Phra Phrot and Phra Satarut instructed Hanuman to tell Phra Ram that having to guard the city was like lying on fire.  They wished to help fight the demons, but dared not disobey Phra Ram.  They handed Hanuman a bottle containing water from the Pancha Mahanathee river.

Piphek mixed together an equal amount of the Pancha Mahanathee water, Sangkoranee and Treechawa herbs.  He applied it to Phra Lak’s wound and recited a mantra.  At once the Mokhasak spear fell out and the wound healed without a trace of a scar.  Phra Lak revived and Phra Ram was ecstatic at his recovery.

Hanuman and Sangkoranee

Hanuman using his tail to coil around Mount Saphaya in search of Sangkoranee and Treechowa herbs.

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