Hanuman Offers His Services

Hanuman offers his services

Hanuman, king of the monkeys, was the son of Phra Phai and Naang Sawaha.  Having completed a period of a meditation, Hanuman was wandering through the forest when he came upon Phra Ram asleep with his head resting on Phra Lak’s lap.  The one sitting up and holding a bow had a light yellow complexion, as if painted with gold, while the one asleep was a bright shade of green.  Both were as beautiful as angels.  Hanuman wanted to make their acquaintance and befriend them, so he turned himself into a small monkey, climbed up a Wa tree and stripped off some leaves falling onto Phra Lak.

Phra Lak saw that it was only a sweet little white monkey, but nonetheless chased it away because he was afraid Phra Ram would be waken up.  The monkey then stripped even more leaves and showered them, so Phra Lak used his bow to shoo the monkey away.  The little monkey snatched the bow from Phra Lak and continued to throw leaves down, some of them hitting Phra Ram.  This made Phra Lak furious and he decided to wake Phra Ram up.

Phra Lak told Phra Ram about the monkey.  Phra Ram looked at the monkey and felt a great affection for it.  He saw that it had earrings, diamond hair and crystal fangs, indicating that it was not an ordinary monkey.  Yet Phra Lak could see none of these things.

Hanuman realized immediately that Phra Ram was an avatar of Phra Narai, so he reverted to his real form, returned the bow to Phra Lak and humbly offered Phra Ram his services.


Hanuman offers his services to Phra Ram and returns the bow to Phra Lak.

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