Hanuman Searches Tosakans Palace

Hanuman searches Tosakan’s palace

When Hanuman arrived at Lanka, he first battled Suea Muang, the demon guarding the city.  This demon, flying in the sky, has four faces and eight hands.  In one hand she held a disc, in the second a sword, in the third a trident, and in the fourth a mace.  Hanuman killed the demon by cutting off her head with his trident.  At the very moment, darkness began to fall.

Hanuman transformed himself into a demon and mingled among the others, using magic to put them all to sleep.  He then reverted to his true shape and began searching for Naang Sida.  At the first castle, he found Piphek sleeping deeply and holding a slate board.  At the second castle he found Kumphakan.  In the third castle he found Intarachit, and at the fourth he found Tosakan asleep with the beautiful Naang Montho.  At first he thought it was Naang Sida and became furious, but on close inspection he saw that it was not.

Hanuman went back to hermit Nart, who told him that Naang Sida was in Khwan garden.

Hanuman and Tosakan

Hanuman (the white monkey) searches for Naang Sida in Tosakows palace. (from left to right) Piphek’s castle, Kumphokows castle, Tosokows castle, Indorochit’s castle.

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