Hanuman Transforms

Hanuman transforms himself into Tosakan and disrupts the elixir-making ceremony

Tosakan was furious with the divines for taking Phra Ram’s side in the case.  He therefore decided to perform a fire ceremony to get back at them.  He mixed together the earth from seven different river banks and molded it into the shape of a divine, which he then threw into the fire.  Next, he performed the Kabilapat spear-sharpening ceremony.  Phra Indra petitioned Phra Isuan to stop the ceremony and he sent the angel Phalee to disrupt it.

Tosakan mistakenly blamed Piphek for disrupting the ceremonies, so he threw his Kabilapat spear at Piphek.  Phra Lak tried to parry the spear but was struck unconscious.

Piphek instructed that medicinal herbs be brought from Mount Sancheep Sanyee, dung from Phra Isuan’s cow, a stone pestle from Phaya Kalanak and Tosakan’s stone pillow to provide a cure for Phra Lak.  After this treatment, Phra Lak recovered.

Tosakan was very upset. Naang Montho therefore suggested that she perform a ceremony, called Sanyacheep to make an elixir.  During the ceremony, which lasted seven days, any amorous affairs were strictly forbidden.

Naang Montho instructed Mahothorn to bring the elixir to Tosakan in the battlefield everyday.  When he sprinkled the elixir on the earth, the demons were resurrected to battle with Phra Ram and Phra Lak.  Phra Ram shot his arrow and ensnared the army of ghosts with a net.  He then instructed Hanuman, Nilanon and Chomphoophan to disrupt the elixir-making ceremony.

Hanuman turned into Tosakan and went to see Naang Montho.  He told her to stop the ceremony as the battle had been won, He then asked to sleep with her.  The ceremony was thus disrupted.

Hanuman transforms himself

Hanuman turns into Tosakan to fool Montho and disrupts the elixir-making ceremony.

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