Intarachit Sucks Milk

Intarachit sucks milk from Montho’s breast and afterwards goes for his last battle

The transformed dancing angels, army of Phra Indra was so resplendent that Phra Lak was captivated by the sight of it. Intarachit then shot the Phromat arrow at Phra Lak and his monkey soldiers, making them all unconscious except Hanuman.  Hanuman broke Erawan’s neck, then Intarachit struck him unconscious with his arrow.  Phra Ram held Phra Lak in his arms and cried until he fainted.

Tosakan instructed Naang Treechada to bring Naang Sida to view the bodies of Phra Ram and Phra Lak in the battlefield, so that she could put them out of her mind. Naang Sida, seated on her palanquin, prophesied that Phra Ram and Phra Lak were not dead.

Piphek blew a magic spell into Hanuman’s mouth and revived him.  Phra Ram likewise revived and instructed Hanuman to pick up and carry the Avudh mountain and place it to the east of them.  The breeze from the mountain carried the aroma of medicinal herbs and revived Phra Lak and the troop of monkeys.

Intarachit next tried to perform the Kumphaniya Mahavet ceremony to make himself invincible.  However, Phra Lak and his army disrupted the ceremony, and a battle ensued.  Intarachit was defeated but used the Mekhsoon disc to shield his body and fled to the city of Lanka.  Seeing that her son was badly bruised and bleeding, Naang Montho strongly felt pity for him.  She recalled that when she was a servant of Phra Umathevee, the wife of Phra Isuan, Phra Umathevee had given her a special gift.  The gift was that the milk in her breast would be turned into ambrosia and whoever drank it would recover to his former self.  She therefore suckled Intarachit and immediately he revived.  She asked Tosakan to return Naang Sida, so that their lives would return to normal.  But Tosakan refused and became angry with her.

Intarachit bade farewell to his mother, father and wife before heading out to do battle one more time.  Phra Lak shot an arrow at him, severing his head, Ongkhot caught the head on Wan Fah, a special tray, provided by Phra Brahma, to prevent it from causing an inferno of fire.  Phra Ram then shot his arrow at the head to burn it out.

Intarachit Montho

(left) Intarachit sucks milk from Montho’s breast (right) and afterwards goes for his last battle.

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