Kumphakan Enlarges Himself

Kumphakan enlarges himself to prevent the free flow of the river to reach Phra Ram’s army

Seeing that Phra Lak had recovered, Kumphakan devised another plan.  He enlarged his body and lay down across the river to form a dike to prevent the free flow of water to Mount Morakot where Phra Ram’s army had been encamped for seven days and nights.  Deprived of water, Phra Rams army would die of thirst.  Kumphakan instructed Naang Khanthamalee and four of his most trusted ladies to pick flowers for daily offering at the ceremony.

When the river had dried up to the very bedrock, the monkey army was in trouble.  Piphek advised Phra Ram to send Hanuman to disrupt the ceremony, but nobody knew where the ceremony was being performed.  Hence Hanuman had to pry the location out of the ladies in Kumphakan’s palace.  Hanuman turned into an eagle and flew off to Kumphakan’s palace.  Upon arriving there, he transformed himself again, this time into a lady of the court.  He thus learned that only Naang Khanthamalee and four others knew of Kumphakan’s whereabouts, since they had to take flowers to him daily to perform the ceremony.

Hanuman once again turned into an eagle and hovered above the garden until he saw Naang Khanthamalee.  Quick as a flash, he swooped down on her and crushed her to death, Hanuman then turned into Naang Kanthamalee and joined the four ladies out picking flowers.

Hanuman, in the guise of Naang Khanthamalee, followed the four ladies until they came to the place where the river was being blocked.  He then changed back into his own form and dived into the river with his trusty trident and started to fight against Kumphakan, who could not remain lying down any longer.  Kumphakan fought back with his mace but was no match for Hanuman and fled to Lanka to report to Tosakan.  Afterwards Kumphakan went out to battle once more and was killed by Phra Ram.

Kumphakan Enlarges himself

Kumphakan enlarges his body to prevent the river water flow from reaching Phra Ram’s army.

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