Kumphakan Sharpens The Mokhasak Spear

Kumphakan sharpens the Mokhasak spear

Kumphakan went to see Phra Brahma, who had four faces and eight hands, to ask for the Mokhasak spear, which was now rusty.  Pra Brahma wondered if there was any problems with Kumphakan, who confessed that he must do battle with Phra Ram for Tosakan, even though Tosakan had committed a wrong doing.

Kumphakan instructed Ritthikasoon to prepare a pavilion for the Mokhasak spear-sharpening ceremony on the bank of a river near Mount Phra Sumeru.  Troops were instructed to protect the left flank, right flank and rear of the area to prevent any intrusions.

Phra Ram, not seeing Kumphakan anywhere, asked Piphek of his location.  Piphek informed him that Kumphakan was performing the Mokhasak spear-sharpening ceremony.  Once he had sharpened all four blades, no one would be able to resist him.  Since Kumphakan was very fastidious about cleanliness, Piphek advised that Hanuman and Ongkhot be transformed into a rotting dog and a crow pecking at the corpse.  They would be floating in front of the ceremony, thus disrupting it.

When Kumphakan saw the rotting dog, he felt so disgusted that he was about to vomit, so the ceremony was called off half-way.

Kumphakan Sharpens the Mokhasak Spear

Hanuman and Ongkhot transform themselves into a rotting dog and a crow pecking at the remains and float past the place where Kumphakan is performing the Mokhasak spear-sharpening ceremony.

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