Lanka City Gate

Ongkhot breaks down the Lanka city gate

Phra Ram sent Ongkhot to Lanka as his messenger. Ongkhot was the son of Naang Montho and Phraya Pali, Sukhreep,s late elder brother.  When Ongkhot arrived at the city gate of Lanka, he called out to the demons on watch to open the gate, at the same time enlarging his body so that it blotted out the sun, darkening the entire city.  The gatekeeper reported to Tosakan that Ongkhot had arrived. Tosakan was too embarassed to open the gate for Ongkhot because he was a son of Naang Montho and Pali, her former husband.  So he instructed Naang Montho to deal with the matter herself.

When Naang Montho learned of Ongkhot,s arrival, she was rather flustered . She instructed the most beautiful of her ladies to serve him with refreshments but not to open the gate.  Ongkhot chased the ladies away.  He was furious at the delay in opening the gate and broke it down with his left foot.

When he entered the throne hall, he curled his tail and sat on it so as to raise himself to the same level as Tosakan.  He did not raise his hands in greeting but began to read Rams letter.Tosakan was very angry and instructed four demon soldiers to kill Ongkhot.  Instead, Ongkhot killed all of them.


(top) Ongkhot sits on his tail in the same level as Tosakan. (bottom) Ongkhot enlarges his body and breaks down the gate of Lanka.

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