Naang Sida Gives Birth

Naang Sida gives birth to Phra Mongkut

As time passed by, Naang Sida became pregnant.  One day, Naang Adoon, a cousin of Tosakan and a female demon from the river, transformed herself into Sida’s court ladies and pleaded with Naang Sida to draw her a picture of Tosakan.  Naang Adoon took possession of the picture and made it un-erasable.

Phra Ram returned from his foray into the forest, but when it was time to retire, he was so restless that he could not sleep.  He became angry and scolded the ladies.  Naang Sida sent for Phra Lak to help.  Phra Ram ordered a search of the palace and the slate board with Tosakan’s picture was found under their bed.

Naang Sida admitted that she had drawn the picture herself.  Phra Ram was enraged and instructed Phra Lak to take her out, kill her, and bring her heart back to him.  Phra Lak took Naang Sida to the edge of the Kalwat forest and asked her to run away.  But Naang Sida refused and talked Phra Lak into executing her . Phra Lak finally struck her with his swords while closing his eyes.  But the sword fell from his hand and turned into a floral garland around her neck.  Phra Lak thus returned to the palace and left Naang Sida to wander in the forest.

Phra Indra created a dead deer so that Phra Lak could cut out its heart and take it to Phra Ram.  Phra Indra then transformed himself into a buffalo and led Naang Sida to hermit Wachamaruek’s ashram.

When it was time for Naang Sida to give birth, Phra Indra sent his four chief wives, Naang Suchada, Naang Sujitra, Naang Suthamma and Naang Sunantha, to attend her as midwives.  Naang Sida gave birth to a son in the early hours of the morning.

Naang Sida gives birth to Mongkut

In the ashram, the four queens of Phra Indra
(from left to right) Naang Sunantha, Naang Suthamma, Naang Sujitra and Naang Suchada, help with Naang Sida’s delivery.

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