Naang Sida Runs Away

Naang Sida runs away to the subterranean world

Phra Ram asked Naang Sida to stay with him again in Ayodhya but Sida refused.  Phra Ram then asked that Phra Mongkut and Phra Lop stay with him, hoping that Naang Sida would miss her sons and in the end would soften her stand and return to the city.  Naang Sida allowed her sons to go and stay with Phra Ram.

Being in Ayodhya, Phra Mongkut and Phra Lob missed their mother very much.  Phra Ram let them visit their mother, asking them to persuade Naang Sida to return to the city.

Naang Sida was adamant in her refusal.  She said her anger at Phra Ram would persist despite many hundreds of thousands of years passing by.  She would return to Ayodhya on one condition only, that was to attend Phra Rams funeral. She refused even the ladies-in-waiting.

Phra Ram therefore decided to trick Naang Sida into believing that he had died.  He ordered a crematorium to be erected and sent Hanuman to Naang Sida to bewail Phra Rams death from a broken heart.  Hanuman asked Naang Sida to stand on his palm and be flown to the crematorium.

Naang Sida paid her respects to Phra Rams funeral urn and wept until she fainted.  Phra Ram then emerged and held her in his arms until she revived.  Learning that she was cheated, Naang Sida was very angry and tried to run away.  Phra Ram blocked her way and called on Hanuman and his three brothers to surround her.

Naang Sida prayed for the earth to split open and fled to stay with Thao Virunnak, king of the subterranean world.

Naang Sida Runs Away to the Subterranean World

(above) Naang Sida on Honumaws palm.
(center) Naang Sida weeping in great sorrow in front of Phra Ram’s funeral urn. (bottom) Naang Sida runs away from Phra Ram into the subterranean world.

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