Naang Sida Walks On Fire

Naang Sida walks on fire to prove her loyalty to Phra Ram

Naang Sida prepared to meet Phra Ram. Phra Indra sent the celestial ladies, Naang Rampha and Naang Arunwadee to present toileteries, clothes and jewelry to Naang Sida and accompany her to meet Phra Ram.

Naang Sida, upon arriving at the place where Phra Ram was waiting, sent in the celestial ladies first.  Phra Ram was worried that people would criticize Naang Sida for having stayed in Lanka for a long time, so he tried to put her at ease by saying that since she had stayed Tosakan’s palace for such a long time, and had received lot of precious treasures, he would like to have a look at them.

Phra Rams words caused her deep regret, more painful than if one hundred thousand lightning bolts struck her, more hurtful than being kidnapped by Tosakan.  She then asked Phra Ram to invite the divines to be her witnesses.  She would walk on fire to prove her purity, both in body and soul.

Phra Ram shot the Chanthawathit arrow to summon the divines, and the Akanee arrow to set the ground aflame.  Naang Sida took an oath before the host of divines that if she had been unfaithful to her husband, even merely in thought, may the flames consume her and may she fall into the abyss of hell.  However, if she was innocent, may the flames not harm her feet.

At every step that Lady Sida took in the fire, the heat did not harm her in the least.  Moreover, at each step a lotus flower opened up to receive her foot.

Naang Sida Walks On Fire

Naang Sida walks over the fire without pain, her every step supported by an emerging lotus flower.

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