Nonthok is granted a diamond finger

Nonthok is granted a diamond finger

At the foot of the stairs ascending Moun tKrailart, the abode of Phra Isuan (Phra Siva), lived the brave demon Nonthok, who served Phra Isuan by washing the feet of the divines who came to seek audience with Phra Isuan.  For ten millions of years, Nonthok had been teased by the divines in various ways—somes slapped his head, somes fondled his face, still others pulled at his hair until he became completely bald.  Every time Nonthok looked at his own reflection in the water, he would burst into tears.  One day he could bear it no longer and sought an audience with Phra Isuan.  With tears streaming down his cheeks, he related his plight and begged for a special gift of diamond finger which would have the power to kill any beings he pointed at.  To reward him for his loyalty and long years of service, Phra Isuan granted him his wish.

With the diamond finger, Nonthok became emboldened and returned to his duties of washing the divines, feet.  They, however, continued to tease him as before.  Nonthok was so infuriated that he pointed his diamond finger at them, killing them all in the blink of an eye.


At the foot of Mount Krailart, Nonthok points his diamond finger at the celestial beings who still tease him.

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