Ongkhot Solves The Meaning

Ongkhot solves the meaning of the riddle from Kumphakan

After Maiyarap was killed, Tosakan summoned Kumphakan, his younger brother, to continue the battle.  But Kumphakan advised Tosakan to return Naang Sida.  This infuriated Tosakan and Kumphakan was so fearful of him that he hurriedly prepared for the battle.  Seeing that Kumphakan was a just and moral demon who had never hurt anybody, Phra Ram sent Piphek to try to stop him.  Kumphakan, however, refused and said that as Tosakan’s brother, he must do his duty.  At the same time he posed a riddle for Phra Ram: “a bad priest, a cruel and cunning woman, an elephant with curved tusks and a rascal”.

Phra Ram instructed Ongkhot to figure out the meanings.  Ongkhot curled his tail and sat on it to raise himself to the same height as Kumphakan on his chariot.  Then, in his sweetest manner, he gently pried the meaning of the riddle out of Kumphakan.  “The elephant with curved tusks is Tosakan, the bad priest is Ram.  The cruel and cunning woman is Naang Samanakha, while the rascal man is none other than Piphek”.

Piphek advised Phra Ram to send Sukhreep into battle.  Sukhreep was struck and captured by Kumphakan’s mace.  Hanuman followed and rescued Sukhreep in front of the city gate.  Kumphakan was set upon by both Hanuman and Sukhreep.  They bit his nose and ears until he was quite wounded.  He staggered back to Tosakan and related all.

Ongkhot solves the meaning

Ongkhot (right) curls his tail into a seat and pries the answer to the riddle out of Kumphakan.

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