Phra Isuan Arranges A Marriage

Phra Isuan arranges a marriage for Phra Ram and Naang Sida at Mount Krailart

Phra Ram returned to Ayodhya and peace and prosperity prevailed.  Yet Phra Ram himself was still saddened by the plight of Naang Sida.  However Piphek predicted that a great benevolent divine would come to help bring them together soon.

Phra Indra, accompanied by a host of angels, came to inform Phra Isuan about Phra Rams distress about being without Naang Sida, Phra Isuan then instructed Jitturaj Thevet to ride a glass chariot to the subterranean world to bring Naang Sida, so that she could tell him her story.  He also instructed Jittubot to take the Chai chariot to fetch Phra Ram, his three brothers and Phaya Anuchit.

Phra Isuan blamed Phra Ram and comforted Naang Sida, until she agreed to his bidding for a reunion.  Phra Isuan then arranged a grand wedding ceremony for Phra Ram and Naang Sida in his palace on Mount Krailart.  The angels were made responsible for decorating the palace.  On Rams side there was Thao Makhawan, his three brothers and Phaya Anuchit.  On Sida’s side was Naang Uma, Phra Isuan’s wife, as her chaperon.  Phra Ram and Naang Sida were seated on a throne beneath a magnificent parasol.  After the ceremony, Phra Isuan blessed the happy couple and asked them to return to Ayodhya to rule in peace, prosperity and happiness.

Phra Isuan arranges a marriage

In the pavilion, Phra Ram and Naang Sida are once again in a wedding ceremony presided over by Phra Isuan and attended by a host of angels.

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