Phra Lak Is Struck

Phra Lak is struck by the Mokhasak spear

Kumphakan, armed with his Mokhasak spear, prepared his army for battle.  Piphek informed Phra Ram that the monkey soldiers were no match for Kumphakan and suggested that Phra Lak led the troops.

The two armies clashed.  Surasen fought against Treeplam, Surakhan engaged in combat with Phatkawee, Nilakhan fought against Ritthikhasoon.  The monkey soldiers killed three of the demon commanders, infuriating Kumphakan.

Kumphakan was struck by an arrow from Phra Lak,s bow and wounded so seriously that he had to use magic to heal himself.  Kumphakan then threw his Mokhasak spear at Phra Lak.  The spear struck him and he became unconscious.

Sukhreep was so shocked by this that he almost fainted.  Hanuman furiously killed numerous demons.  Ongkhot, later assisted by Hanuman, chased Kumphakan and, forced him to retreat into Lanka.  Sukhreep tried to pull out the spear but it refused to budge, so he instructed Nilanon to go and inform Phra Ram,

Phra Ram tried to withdraw the spear himself, but again it stubbornly refused to move.  Phra Ram and the entire army were so saddened that they began crying and wailing. Piphek informed them that Phra Lak would not die until being touched by the sunlight.

He instructed Hanuman to halt the Suns chariot and then to collect Sangkoranee and Treechawa herbs at Mount Saphaya and fetch water from the Panja Mahanathee river in Ayodhya.  These would heal Phra Lak and free the spear.

Phra Lak

Phra Lak is hit by the Mokhasak spear and falls unconscious.  Phra Ram tries to remove the spear but cannot budge it.

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