Phra Narai transforms himself

Phra Narai transforms himself into Naang Absorn to subdue Nonthok

Phra Isuan ordered Phra Narai to subdue Nonthok.  Phra Narai transformed himself into the beautiful Naang Absorn.  Nonthok was so captivated by Naang Absorn,s beauty and exquisite dance that he courted her.  She invited him to dance along with her, and when they performed the posture Naga Muan Hang (the serpent coiling its tail) he unknowingly pointed his diamond finger at his own legs, breaking them.  Naang Absorn then changed back to Phra Narai, who steped on Nonthok,s chest, pinning him down.

Nonthok berated Phra Narai for having four arms but dared not to fight him from the front for fear of his powerful diamond finger.  Phra Narai in turn challenged Nonthok to be reborn with ten faces, twenty arms, each carrying a weapon, and with the ability to fly.  As for himself, Narai would become simply a man with two arms and defeat Nonthok on the earth.  Having said that, he beheaded Nonthok with his trident.

Phra Narai

(from right to left) Nonthok follows Naang Absorn,s dance gestures. Naang Absorn then turns into Phra Narai with four arms and steps on Nonthok’s chest.

NEXT:  CHAPTER 3  Hermit Chanok performs a ceremony to retrieve Naang Sida and returns to Mithila.