Phra Ram Builds A City

Phra Ram builds a city for Hanuman

After his coronation as the king of Ayodhya, Phra Ram duly rewarded all the monkey soldiers.  He divided Ayodhya into two and gave Hanuman one half to rule, but Hanuman refused, because he believed that Phra Lak should be the viceroy and help rule Ayodhya.

Phra Ram then shot his Phromat arrow, which fell on a nine-peaked mountain, leveling all the peaks to a plain.  Hanuman flew after the arrow and found the plain beside a shaded river.  He alighted and used his tail to sweep the earth into a wall for his city.  Then he flew back to Phra Ram.

Phra Indra instructed Phra Visanukam to help Phra Ram build a beautiful city for Hanuman, to be called Nopburi, and Hanuman was granted a new name of Phaya Anuchit.  Phra Ram divided up the wealth of Ayodhya and gave half, including the serfs, chariots and ladies of the court, to Phaya Anuchit.

Phram Ram Builds a City for Hanuman

(top left) Hanuman uses his tail to create a city wall. (bottom) Hanuman governs Nopburi.

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