Phra Ram Drives His Wechaiyan Chariot

Phra Ram drives his Wechaiyan chariot on the newly built road

Phra Indra, or Thao Sahasanai, used his magic eyes to look at the earth and saw Phra Ram with his army on the march to defeatTosakan.  Phra Indra observed that Phra Ram was on foot, because he had no chariot.

Phra Indra instructed Matulee to bring the Wechaiyan glass chariot with two strong horses to be at Phra Rams service.  Matulee himself was to be the driver of the chariot until the war ended. Phra Ram was pleased with the gift.

Phra Ram and Phra Lak got on the Wechaiyan chariot.  The whole army marched along the newly built road to Mount Morakot.  Prakhonthan and Hanuman were sent ahead to scout and prepare for a new encampment.


(top) Matulee brings the Wechaiyan glass chariot to service Phra Ram. (bottom) Phra Ram riding on the Wechaiyan glass chariot among his troops with Matulee as a driver.

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