Phra Ram Instructs His Men

Phra Ram instructs three of his men to seek information about Naang Sida and to find the way to Lanka

Sukhreep advised Phra Ram to encamp his army at Mount Khanthamat and send the three best monkey soldiers, namely, Hanuman, Chomphoophan and Ongkhot, to scout the way to Lanka.

Phra Ram therefore gave Hanuman Naang Sida,s ring and shawl to seek and prove his identity to her and tell her that Phra Ram was on the way to rescue her.  Hanuman said that these things were not sufficient evidence, for he might have found them lying in the forest.  Phra Ram therefore told Hanuman the secret only he and Sida shared that it was love at first sight when their eyes met while Phra Ram was in Mithila looking at Sida behind the palaces window.

Phra Ram Instructs His Men

Phra Ram (seated on the raised dais) instructs Hanuman, Ongkhot and Chompoophon (seated to the left) to find the way to Lanka.

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