Phra Ram Returns To Ayodhya

Phra Ram returns to Ayodhya

Phra Ram, Naang Sida and Phra Lak were travelling back to Ayodhya. They sojourned at the ashram of the two hermits, Wasit and Swamitra, to await the completion of the fourteen-year abstention period.  Hanuman and Kukhan were sent ahead to inform Phra Phrot and Phra Satarut.

Both Phra Phrot and Phra Satarut were about to take their own lives by walking on fire as they had promised, when Hanuman appeared and took hold of Phra Phrot while Kukhan restrained Phra Satarut.  When the misunderstanding had been cleared up, the three queen mothers and two younger brothers prepared a procession to go forth and greet Phra Ram, Naang Sida and Phra Lak.

Naang Kaiyakesee came and begged Phra Ram’s pardon for her wrong doing.  She said that it was undoubtedly the angels who had misguided her.  Phra Ram replied that he was not at all upset with having to live in the forest, because the divines had wanted him to defeat the demons.  If he had ruled Ayodhya, from the beginning he would not have had the opportunity to subdue the demons.

The kings and nobles then took leave of the two hermits and the procession of beautiful chariots went through the forest to Ayodhya.

Phra Ram returns to Ayodhya

Phra Ram, Naang Sida, Phra Lak, the queen mothers sit on their chariots to return to Ayodhya.

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