Phra Ram Shoots The Phlaiwat Arrow

Phra Ram shoots the Phlaiwat arrow causing a thundering sound to summon Phaya Subanraj to help him overcome ,he nagabat arrow

Phra Ram arrived at the battlefield at night.  The moon was luminous and the sky filled with bright stars.  He saw the army of monkeys being shot at and pinned down by nagabat arrows.  Even Phra Lak was caught up in the coil of serpent arrows from toe to chest.  Hard as he tried, he could not loosen the coils, and in sorrow, passed out.

Sukhreep and Piphek were alarmed at this but soon revived Phra Ram by splashing his face with water.  Phra Ram then asked Piphek what should be done.  He replied that Phra Lak and the men were not dead yet, and that Phra Ram should shoot his Phlaiwat arrow to summon Phaya Subanraj, king of the garudas, for assistance.

Phra Ram shot the Phlaiwat arrow causing a thundering sound.  Knowing that Phra Ram was asking for help, Phaya Subanraj flew down.  When the nagas saw the garuda arriving, they released their hold on the army and slithered away into the earth.  Phra Lak and all the monkey soldiers were thus revived.

Phra Ram and Phlaiwat

Phra Ram (holding the arrow) shooting the Phlaiwat arrow to summon the king of the garudas.

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