Phra Ram Wonders

Phra Ram wanders in the forest to rid himself of bad luck

Phra Ram sent for Piphek to read his fate.  Piphek predicted that Phra Ram would have a bad time taking leave of loved ones.  The cure was to wander in the forest for 12 months to defeat the giants and demons.  Phra Ram set off with only Phra Lak and Phaya Anuchit.  After three and a half months, he reached the frontier of the demon city, Kalavuth, ruled by Thao Kuwennuraj,  His son,Treepakkan Sitthisak, came upon Phra Ram and his Party.They fought and Treepakkan was slain by Phra Ram.

Thao Kuwennuraj himself was engaged in the battle and was also killed by Phra Ram.

They came to rest under a large Asoka tree.  The demon Kumphannuraj wanted to capture them for his meal.  Subsequently, he learned that Phra Ram was Phra Narai’s avatar, and so revealed to Phra Ram that he was formerly the angel Sunonthevet who was cursed by Phra Isuan to be a demon at Noppamart cave for the crime of teasing the court ladies of Phra Isuan.  Only Phra Ram could break the curse.  Phra Ram pardoned Kumphannurat and the curse was lifted.  He regained his angelic form and flew up to heaven.

The eighteen monkey chiefs including Sukhreep had learned about Phra Ram’s trip.  They therefore went to Ayodhya to ask Phra Phrot and Phra Satarut to help them to look for Phra Ram in the forest.  Arriving at the big Asoka tree, they were very pleased to meet Phra Ram, Phra Lak and Hanuman, and begged Phra Ram to allow them to follow and serve him and to help defeat the demons.

The group came to a demons garden. Nanthakan, the demon who was guarding the garden, came out to chase them away and a battle ensued.  Nanthakan fled to inform the ruler of the city, Thao Unaraj.  The king led his army out to battle.  Phra Ram shot his arrow at Unaraj, but was unable to kill him.  The hermit Khosop came to tell Phra Ram that Thao Unaraj could only be killed by an arrow of reed pinning him down to a rock and leaving him to suffer for ten millions of years.  Phra Ram then shot a reed arrow right at Thao Unaraj’s chest, knocking him down in a cave and pinning him to a rock.  At the end of 12 month journey, Phra Ram and Phra Lak returned to Ayodhya.

Phra Ram Wonders

Phra Ram and Phra Lak sleeping in the forest, guarded by Hanuman, Sukhreep and the eighteen monkey chiefs.

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