Pichai Molee Parasol

Sukhreep breaks the Pichai Molee parasol

Tosakan prepared for the battle by erecting the Pichai Molee glass parasol which darkened the sky over Phra Ram’s camp.  As a result Phra Rams army could not see Tosakan’s troops, whereas Tosakan and his army could plainly see Phra Ram’s.  Piphek explained to Phra Ram that the parasol initially belonged to Thao Thadaphrom, his great-grand-father, who had owned it since Lanka city was built.  Phra Ram would have to destroy the parasol.

Sukhreep volunteered to go and break the parasol.  He enlarged his body to the size of a mountain so that the enemy could not see him.  When he reached the parasol, he chanted a mantra and made himself visible again before proceeding to break it.  Tosakan’s soldiers were frightened and all fled, leaving only Tosakan to fight against Sukhreep.  He could not fight to his utmost ability due to the need to protect the queen and consorts.

Sukhreep used his right foot to snatch Tosakan’s crown and presented it to Phra Ram.

Tosokows Pichai Molee parasol.

Sukhreep breaks Tosokows Pichai Molee parasol.

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