Piphek Gives Himself Up

Piphek gives himself up to Phra Ram

Piphek was very sad to leave Lanka.  Once out of the city, he reflected that his fate was just leaving home, not departing from life.  He still had a benefactor to the east and he therefore flew across the ocean to Mount Khanthakala.

Piphek was captured by Nil-ake, the monkey soldier and asked to be taken to Phra Ram.  Phra Ram agreed to see Piphek.  Piphek related all that had befallen him and then swore his allegiance to Phra Ram.

Piphek and Sukhreep vowed in front of all the troops that the two would be comrades for the rest of their lives.

Piphek Phra Ram

Nil-ake (kneeling on the left) brings Piphek (kneeling on the right) to see Phro Ram

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