Piphek Lights The Pyre

Piphek lights the funeral pyre for Tosakan

After the war, Phra Ram let Piphek rule Lanka.  Piphek bore Tosakan’s body into the city and prepared a cremation befitting his rank.  The body was carried in a glass funeral urn in a grand procession to the crematorium.  Naang Montho and Naang Kal-akee cried and wailed in great sorrow.

Piphek bestowed flowers, joss sticks and candles upon Tosakan’s dead body to ask for forgiveness.  It was a great grief to Piphek.  He lit the fire to cremate his elder brother’s body.  Piphek then invited Phra Ram into Lanka and stayed at the Chan Palace, which was formerly Tosakan’s palace.

Phra Ram assigned Piphek to rule Lanka and granted him Naang Montho and Naang Treechada as his chief queens.  He also conferred on Piphek a new narne, Thao Toskhiriwong.  Before leaving Lanka, Phra Ram killed Thao Asakanjosakan’s comrade who had come to attack Lanka in revenge for Tosakan’s death.

Thao Toskhiriwong asked Phra Ram to destroy the roadway he built onto Lanka, because it blocked the flow of water.  Phra Ram destroyed the roadway with a shot of his Phlaiwat arrow.

The procession of Tosakan’s remains moves to the crematorium.

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