Piphek Reads Tosakans Dream

Piphek reads Tosakan’s dream

Tosakan had a bad dream. He saw a white vulture flying in from the east, alighting on the ground in front of his palace.  Then the white vulture fought with a black vulture that had flown in from the west.  The black vulture was defeated and turned into a demon.  A coconut shell oil lamp with a wick was placed on Tosakan’s hand.  A woman ran up and lit the lamp.  The flames engulfed his hand and the heat spread to every part of his body.

Piphek interpreted the dream as follows.  The lamp signified Lanka and the wick was Tosakan.  The oil represented all the demon relatives.  The flame was Naang Sida.  The woman who lit the flame was Naang Samanakha.  The white vulture was Phra Ram and the black vulture, Tosakan.  Predicting that this war would be very harsh, Piphek then bent his head and sobbed.

Tosakan was furious and instructed Piphek to perform a ceremony to dispel the bad luck.  Piphek said he could not, and that the only way out was to return Naang Sida to Phra Ram.  Tosakan was so angry with Piphek that he severed their relationship, taking Piphek’s wife, Naang Treechada, and making her a slave in service of Naang Sida.  Moreover, he confiscated all Piphek’s worldly goods and banished him from the city.

Piphek and Tosakan

Piphek (seated on the left) interpreting the dream of Tosakan (seated on the dais).

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