Sadayu Rescues Naang Sida

Sadayu rescues Naang Sida

Sadayu, king of the birds, who was a good friend of King Tosarot, missed Phra Ram and Phra Lak and Naang Sida, so he decided to pay them a visit. On the way he stumbled upon Tosakan in the act of abducting Naang Sida and Sadayu tried to thwart Tosakan.  They fought until all Tosakan’s weapons fell from his twenty hands.  Sadayu scolded Tosakan for being unable to harm him despite having ten faces and twenty arms and a myriad of weapons, and added that he himself feared only Phra Narai and Phra Isuan’s Kaew Molee ring that Naang Sida was wearing.

On hearing this, Tosakan took the ring from Naang Sida’s finger and threw it at Sadayu, who caught the ring in his beak, flew away and later, exhausted, and fell to the ground.  Phra Ram and Phra Lak were out searching for Naang Sida and came upon Sadayu, his wings broken and still holding Naang Sida’s ring in his beak.  He gave the ring to Phra Ram and related all that had happened, before he took his last breath and died.


Sadayu, king of the birds, pecks at Tosakan in his chariot in an attempt to rescue Naang Sida.

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