Search for Phra Ram

Phra Phrot, Phra Satarut and the three queen mothers search for Phra Ram

King Tosarot was duly cremated and his ashes were placed in a chedi (stupa).  Phra Phrot and Phra Satarut then dressed themselves in the robes of ordained monks and invited the two royal mothers, Naang Kaosuriya and Naang Samut Thevee, to accompany them in the quest for Phra Ram, Phra Lak and Naang Sida, to ask them to return to rule the kingdom.  Naang Kaiyakesee and the hunchback Naang Kuchee begged Naang Samut Thevee for permission to go along.

They eventually meet Kukhan, a hunter, who offered to lead them in their search of Phra Ram.  The two hermits Wasit and Swamitra also accompanied them.  When they came to the Satong river, they took the boats to continue their search.

At last they found Phra Ram, who was told ofThao Tosarot’s death. Phra Ram, Phra Lak, Naang Sida, Phra Phrot and Phra Satarut burst into tears and cried until they finally passed out.  Afterward Naang Kaiyakesee confessed, begged Phra Ram’s pardon and invited him to return to ascend the throne.

Despite the invitation Phra Ram insisted that he would rather remain in the wilderness.  He wanted to abide by his late fathers decree even at the risk of his own life. Furthermore, Phra Ram was adamant that he would first subdue the demon throng.

Learning that Phra Ram did not intend to return, Phra Phrot announced that he would rather commit suicide.  At this point an elf appeared to tell them that Phra Ram was an avatar of Phra Narai who had come to the earth to subdue injustice and that Phra Phot and Phra Satarut should return to the city to look after the kingdom for Phra Ram until he could return himself.

Phra Ram then gave his grass sandals to Phra Phrot as a keepsake.  Phra Phrot and Phra Satarut placed the sandals on a pedestal tray and took them back to the city with them.

Phra Phrot

The procession of boats carries Phra Phrot and Phra Satarut and their mothers in search of Phra Ram, Phra Lak and Naang Sida to ask them to return to Ayodhyo.

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