Thao Maleewaraj

Thao Maleewaraj judges the case

After many battles,Tosakan recalled Thao Maleewaraj, his grandfather, who had cursing power Tosakan thought of blackening Phra Rams name so that Thao Maleewaraj would become angry and rule against him.  Phra Ram would be cursed to disaster by Thao Malcewaraii.

Tosakan therefore instructed Nonyawik and Wayuwek to go to Mount Yodfa, and invite Thao Maleewaraj to come and judge the case.  Having learned that Tosakan, his nephew, had quarreled with Phra Ram, the nephew of Thao Achaban who was one of his good friends,  Thao Maleewaraj was eager to settle the conflict so that they could again become friends.

On arriving at Lanka,Thao Maleewaraj stayed outside the city and invited the divines and Phra Indra to help judge the case.

Tosakan had to come out of the city to see his grandfather.  He stopped his Kaewfa chariot to the left side of his grandfather and began to relate his story.  He said he had met a lady named Naang Sida while he was travelling in the forest.  She had neither father, mother, nor husband.  He thus brought her to stay at the Suan Khwan palace.  Later, two humans, Ram and Lak, led an army of monkeys and built a road to Lanka, claiming that Naang Sida was Phra Ram’s wife.  They had been fighting a war ever since.

Thao Maleewaraj instructed Visanukam to go and invite Phra Ram to testify.  Phra Ram came and sat to the right of Thao Maleewaraj.  He told what actually had happened, from beginning to end.  Next, Naang Sida was sent for by the court.  Phra Ram instructed Hanuman and his troops to accompany Naang Sida, When Naang Sida arrived, she sat in front of Thao Maleewaraj and related her side of the story, which corresponded with Phra Ram’s in every respect.

Thao Maleewaraj ordered Tosakan to return Naang Sida to Phra Ram, but he refused.  Thao Maleewaraj therefore cursed Tosakan to die by Phra Rams weapon.

Thao Maleewaraj

Thao Maleewaraj (seated at center) judges the case between Phra Ram and Tosakan.

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