The Characters

The Main Characters from The Story of Ramakian

These are some of the main characters that can be found in the Thai Epic, “The Story of Ramakian”.  We’ve included some additional characters not found in this story, but are seen in some of the stone rubbings we sell in our store.


Phra RamPhra Ram    Exiled King of Ayutaya, incarnation of the god Narai.  Recognizable by stylized human face.  When he reverts to divine form he is pictured with four arms.





Phra LakPhra Lak    Brother of Ram, incarnation of snake god Ananta Nakarat.  In appearance identical to Ram. In panels where they appear together, Lak is always in an inferior (lower) position.





Nang SeedaNang Seeda    Ram’s wife, incarnation of the goddess Lakshmi.  Daughter of Totsagan and Nang Monto.  Distinguishable from male humans mainly by partial exposure of breasts.  Indistinguishable from female demons, except that on the rare occasions when they are pictured together she is in a superior position.





HanumanHanuman    Son of the Wind, a monkey with great magical powers.  As with all the monkeys, distinguishable from the demons by a kind circular cheek pouch.  Always shown without headdress.





SukhreepPalee & Sukreep    Sons of the god In and the Sun respectively, and Hanuman’s uncles.  King and regent respectively of Keetkin city until Palee’s death, when Sukreep succeeds to the spur.





Ongkot    Son of Palee and Nang Monto.  His headdress is topped by a bladelike peak.

Dara    Wife successively of Palee and Sukreep.  Does not appear in panels.

Chompoo    Monkey king of Chompoo City.  Not identifiable.

Chompooparn    A friend of Hanuman.

PipeckPipeck    Demon brother of Totsagan.  Easy to recognize as the only demon in the Ayutaya camp.







Nilek    Monkey general.

Nilapat    Foster son of Chompoo.  Similar in appearance to Hanuman.

Prakontan    A spirit.  To be distinguished from monkeys by sharper nose and rounder eyes.


Sadayu    Great bird, friendly to Ayutaya.

Sampatee    Elder brother of Sadayu.

Krut    Heavenly bird.  Enemy of snakes.

Matchanu    Son of Hanuman and Supanna Matcha, with monkey body and fish tail.


Batsa Malee    Protectress of the city of Mayan.  Identicle to all other ladies, except for minor differences in headdress.

Suwanna Malee    Sister of Butsa Malee.  Does not appear in panels.

Supanna Matcha    Daughter of Totsagan and sea goddess.  Mother of Matchanu.  Head and torso of woman, with tail of fish.


TosaganTotsagan    King of Longka, incarnation of Nontok, a divine courtior.  Wears headdress with many faces.






Nang Monto    Totsagan’s wife.  Heavenly beauty given to Totsagan by Isuan.  Appearance identical to Nang Seeda and all other divine ladies and female demons except for minor differences in headdress.

IntorachitIntorachit    Son of Totsagan and Monto.  Similar facially to other demons.  Wears headdress with conical peak and spur.






Suwanna Kanyuma    Wife of Intorachit.  Appearance as for other female demons.

Kumpagan    Regent of Longka, brother of Totsagan.  No headdress.

Nonyawik & Waiyuwake    Nephews of Totsagan.  Wearing what appear to be small turbans.

Pan Sahatsa Kuman    One thousand sons of Totsagan, each with seven faces.

Dreechada    Wife of Pipeck.

Benyagai    Daughter of Pipeck and Dreechada.  Identical to other females demons and divine ladies.

Wirunyamuk    A demon general.  Wears small turban.

Sukrasan    A demon courtier.

Mareet    A demon courtier.


Maiyarap    Demon Lord of the Underworld.

Jantraprapa    Mother of Maiyarap.

Pirakuan    Sister of Maiyarap.

Waiyawik    Son of Pirakuan.

Sahatsadecha    King of Pangtan.  Demon with one thousand heads and therefore shown wearing many-faced headdress, identical to Totsagan.

Mulplam    Brother of Sahatsadecha    Wavy-haired, no headdress other that circlet of gold and jewels.


Phra Isuan, Phra Prom, Phra Narai, Phra Witsanukam, Phra In    Heavenly gods, listed in approximate order of importance and power.  Narai appears as Ram, with four arms holding bow, conch, discus and trident.


Phra Artit    The Sun, father of Sukreep.

Phra Pai    Wind God, father of Hanuman.

Phra Piroon    Rain God.


Baklan    In appearance, identical to a demon.

Panurat    As for Baklan.

Pee Sud Samut    A female monster, guarding the strait of Longka.

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