Tosakan Abducts Naang Sida

Tosakan abducts Naang Sida

Naang Samanakha, Tosakan’s sister and wife of Chiuha, upon learning that her husband had died at her own brother’s hand, began wailing and crying in sorrow.  She berated Tosakan, who was filled with remorse at the loss of his brother-in-law, and tried to console her.

After Chiuha’s funeral, Naang Samanakha decided to travel into the forest to relieve her sorrow.  Here she met Phra Ram and at once fell in love with him. She offered herself to him, but he rebuffed her.

She became incensed and began to slap and strike Naang Sida. Phra Lak had to intervene and, taking hold of Naang Samanakha, cut off parts of her ears, her nose, her hands and feet, and then released her.

Naang Samanakha returned to the city and related to Tosakan all that had befallen her, at the same time describing the great beauty of Naang Sida. Tosakan fell in love with Naang Sida and planned to abduct hen Tosakan asked Marees to transform into a golden deer to lure

Phra Ram out of the ashram. Imitating Rams voice, Marees would in turn tempt Phra Lak out of the ashram too.

Tosakan then transformed himself into hermit Sutham and tried to talk Naang Sida into becoming Tosakan’s wife.  Unsuccessful at this, he reverted to his own self, snatched Naang Sida and flew his chariot back to Lanka.

Tosakan Naang Sida

(lower right) Morees transforms himself into a golden deer to lure Phra Ram out of the ashram. (center) Tosakan carries off Naang Sida and escapes.

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