Tosakan And Naang Montho Escape

Tosakan and Naang Montho escape the fire and flee to Mount Satana

Tosakan took Naang Montho and all his relatives to the summit of Mount Satanato escape the fire, which had burned down the entire city of Lanka.  Lanka had been built to be as beautiful as the city ofPhra Indraby a group of Bhrama angels for his grand-father.  Tosalkan therefore invited the celestial beings to build him another city as beautiful as the former one.

All the angels, including Thao Sahasanai or Phra Indra who had a thousand eyes, came to see Tosakan.  Being afraid of him, they agreed to build him anew city as fair as the former one.  Phra Indra was in charge of construction.

Tosakan then escorted his chief queen and their entire entourages back to the new Lanka.

This glass palanquin formerly belonged to Phra Isuar who gave it to Kuperan, his elder brother.  Tosakan seized it from Mount Krailart, whereupon Phra Isuan threw a tusk at Tosakan, hitting him in the chest.  He also placed a curse on Tosakan, saying that the tusk would fall out only at the death.  The palanquin, besides being very beautiful, also had special powers which could divine the truth. It could also fly.

Tosakan and Naang Montho

Tosakan, Noong Montho and Naang Kol-okee are sitting on the glass polonquin. This palanquin, besides being very beautiful, could also fly and divine the truth.

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