Tosakan Goes Into Battle

Tosakan goes into battle with Phra Ram for the first time

Learning of Intarachivs death, Tosakan cried in sorrow, Seeing Naang Montho and Naang Suwankanyuma (Intarachit’s wife) crying until faint, Tosakan became so furious that he lost his love for Naang Sida.  He grabbed a sword and headed towards the Khwan garden, intending to slay Naang Sida.  Pawanasoon restrained him, fearing that calamity would befall Lanka.  Tosakan calmed down and became enamored of Naang Sida once again.

Tosakan took Intarachit’s body to the summit of Mount Nilgala for cremation.  He then prepared to go to the battlefield for the first time.  Phra Indra then instructed Phra Visanukam to offer the chariot Vechaiyan to Phra Ram for the second time.

Phra Ram led his army to confront Tosakan and they began the battle.  Phra Ram struck Tosakan with his arrow, wounding him almost to death.  Tosakan, however, closed his eyes and chanted a mantra, to heal himself.  Dusk fell and the battle was over for the day.  Tosakan returned to Lanka.

Tosakan goes into battle

(left)Phra Ram and Phra Lok are on the Wechaiyan chariot. (right) Tosokan is riding on a battle chariot as well.

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