Tosakan Instructs Naang Suphanmacha

Tosakan instructs Naang Suphanmacha to destroy the road

Having heard that Phra Ram was constructing a road to Lanka, Tosakan sent for Naang Suphanmacha, his daughter, who was born from a fish.  He instructed Naang Suphanmacha to gather all the fishes to help remove the stones and destroy the road.  She obeyed his commands dutifully.

Sukhreep and Hanuman both saw that the rocks and stones kept disappearing quite noticeably.  Hanuman was sent underwater to investigate.  He saw a huge shoal of fish removing the rocks, so he thrashed about to drive them off.  He then spotted Naang Suphanmacha, and caught her.  Naang Suphanmacha was so afraid of Hanuman that her whole body was shaking.  She confessed everything and begged Hanuman for her life.

Hanuman heard her sweet voice and saw her pretty face and beautiful complexion.  He fell in love with her and won her for his wife.  Hanuman asked her to instruct the fishes to put back the stones.  Later, she became pregnant.

Fearing punishment from Tosakan, she ejected her son out of her mouth onto the beach.  The baby had a pure white complexion, with the body of a monkey, but a fish’s tail.   He was named Machanu.

Tosakan Naang Suphanmacha

(center) Tosakan instructing Naang Suphanmacha to destroy the road. (bottom) Hanuman is ensnaring the fishes. (top) Hanuman is courting Naang Suphanmacha.

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