Tosakan Serves Chiuhas Tongue

Tosakan severs Chiuha’s tongue with his disc

King Tosakan ruled Lanka in peace.  The beautiful Naang Montho was his chief queen, and in addition he had 16,000 other consorts, all of them slender and beautiful.

One day Tosakan wanted to trek into the forest for seven days, so he asked his brother-in-law, Chiuha, to guard the city while he was gone.  Chiuha kept watch over the city all day and night, going without sleep until he was so tired that on the seventh day he could not keep awake any longer.  To protect it, he covered the city with his tongue and then fell fast asleep.

Tosakan returned that night, but there was no sign of the city.  When his soldiers called out, there was no reply.  He thought that Chiuha had been killed and became enraged.  He hurled his disc in anger, cutting off Chiuha’s tongue and killing him instantly.

Tosakan Chiuha

Chiuha covers Lanka with his tongue. Tosakan throws his disc, cutting off Chiuhos tongue.

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