Tosakan Takes The Form Of Phra Indra

Tosakan takes on the form of Phra Indra and is killed by Phra Ram in battle

Hanuman volunteered Tosakan to fight against Phra Lak and told the army of demons to remain in the rear.  He purposely stretched out the battle until it became dark, then started a noisy quarrel with Phra Lak so that the demons could all hear Phra Lak was infuriated.  Arguing that it was getting dark, Hanuman asked for a cease-fire for the day.

Hanuman asked Tosakan to take to the battlefield with him and wait.  If Tosakan saw him flying in the air by himself, Tosakan should be prepared to take Phra Ram and Phra Lak as prisoners.  When Hanuman appeared in the sky, Ongkhot took Tosakan’s heart box and flew to Hanuman.  They presented the box to Phra Ram.

They then took the box to show Tosakan and ridicule him.  Tosakan was very dejected and retreated his army to Lanka.  His parting words to Naang Montho and Naang Kal-akee, his second wife, were that the next battle might be his last, for he wanted to die like a king.  Tosakan transformed himself into Phra Indra and appeared so elegant that Phra Ram was stunned.  He pulled his Phromat arrow but could not let it fly.  Hanuman had to remind Phra Ram to release the arrow, which struck Tosakan and sent him hurtling to the ground.His body reverted to its original form.

All of Tosakan’s ten mouths spoke to Piphek, scolding him and asking him to look after the country, Naang Montho and Naang Kal-akee and to be a benevolent king.

Hanuman crushed his heart box into pieces, then Tosakan died.

Tosakan takes the form of Phra Indra

(lower left) Phra Ram shoots the Phromat arrow at Tosakan’s chest. Hanuman crushes the box containing Tosakonn’s heart

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