Guide to Thailand’s Temple Rubbings

Wat Phra JerubonHere’s another article on Thailand’s Traditional Temple Rubbings.  Buying and giving these stone rubbings as gifts.  Also, some of the important facts one should know before buying authentic or fake copies of these cultural relics.

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Thailand’s Temple Rubbings

Thailand Temple Rubbings

A Little History on Thailand’s Temple Rubbings

In this article we take a brief look at some of the history behind Thai Temple Rubbings.  What inspired most of the rubbings and some of the story that the rubbings help to tell.

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Facts About Temple Rubbings

New Article
Little Known Facts About Thai Temple Rubbings

We’ve published a new article where we discuss some of the little known facts about Thailand’s Temple Rubbings.  Some of the items we cover in this article are Best Places to Find Vintage Temple Rubbings and More Important Things to Know About Thai Temple Rubbings.

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For several years now, we have been selling these Temple Rubbings at our Web store – The Asian Art Store.  They have by far been our hottest selling item there, so we have decided to create this independent site devoted only to Thai Temple Rubbings.  To further stimulate interest in these works of art, we have prepared a set of articles to better explain just what these rubbings are, how they are created, where they were originally rubbed, and a bit of the history behind the rubbings.

You can find our articles for Thai Temple Rubbings in the top menu under Articles.  We would also like to extend an invitation for any information you may have or have found about these Temple Rubbings that have been done in Thailand.  If you have written an article, or would like to create an article for publication, please contact us and let us know what you have or would like to write.

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